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Empowerment past life challenges

We can provide you with an Clinical Psychology Therapy support for your needs.

Specialists in adult mental health, helping you to deal with hidden needs.

Our approach recognises the impact of life challenges on the work and home life of many people and we have created a flexible and rapid access approach to support you in your life.


Remote Video call interventions are our specialty - giving your flexibility and ease of access.


Pain / Illness

Find about our effective

Pain | Gain approach to living well with pain / chronic illness.

Injury / Incident Trauma

Post-traumatic growth through our trauma focused CBT service.

Sleep Problems

Sleep problems are often quick to correct.

Find out about our SleepEase approach.

Mental Health

Support for:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • grief / trauma

  • confidence

  • stress management

  • phobias

Domestic Abuse

Therapy and self-delivered options for those recovering from abusive relationships (all sexes and ages).

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