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Specialist coaching
For Psychologists

Time for a change

Is something holding you back, something perhaps deep and persistent (an inner-saboteur) - but you are unsure on how to address it... or perhaps even ashamed that you can't, given your skillset?

Therapy seems too focused on the wound and lacks the pace of progress you desire.

Coaching seems too goal-focused or at risk of missing the deep needs, that you know are there.

Our approach blends both - but adds a directive approach that builds on your formation and reflective skills - providing new approaches that address past experiences and build new strategic skills, in the future.

What we hear most from Psychologists... "I don't know what this is, but it works".

Those who need us, often realise it when they read this... intrigued?.. chat to us, we are friendly and love to meet new people:

Once we truly know 
our inner saboteurs.
We can choose when to listen
to them and when not to.

How psychological coaching works

1. join up the dots

Discover why your saboteurs exist - how they served you in your past and why they are no longer helpful.

There is no shame in not knowing - we are human before we are Psychologists!

2. learn to reflect

Learn how to reflect in new ways, beyond the core skills of Psychologists.  This is strategic life change, not reflective practice.

3. replace coping

Adopt known strategies (behaviours and thiking) that help you to control situations you currently find difficult.

4. experience growth

Observe and learn what works and learn how to build on this, to feel confident and free from old patterns of failure.

Image by Joshua Earle

What is Psychological Coaching?

A coaching approach that uses the best of coaching methods with a light touch of therapy skills - to ensure that we delve just enough to answer the core questions about your blockers, without upending the ship

Perfect for those who don't want full therapy, or feel the need, but do want to address patterns of failure and struggle that impact on life.

  • burnout

  • career strategy

  • leadership complexities / anxiety

  • professional fit / personal shame in relation to role

  • loss of confidence

  • fear of failure

  • decision fatigue / avoidance

  • surviving a false accusation / complaints process

How to take this journey

Contact Us or Book a call to discuss your needs.

Most of our clients sign up to a regular 75 or 90 minute Psychological Coaching session designed to support growth towards their desired personal change.

Our interventions tend to be 12 sessions, delivered monthly.  This is what we've seen work - we are evidence-driven as a team.  Many employers purchase our services, we can offer advice on how to request this.

Why you can trust us

Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Leadership Coach 
HCPC Registered

Decades of experience & client testimonials to support impact.

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