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Executive Coaching

For founders, CEOs, business owners and team / organisation leaders who want to level up.

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Feel like and be a true leader


We help you to identify and develop the key skills that underpin leadership success in your sector.


Confident leadership through the development of reflective skills that characterise the leaders we all admire and warm to.


Building self-compassion into your approach and learning how to spread this approach into your leadership style.


We enable you to feel supported at the top.  With an expert ear to facilitate strategic thinking and to draw attention on your own patterns that hold back your success in leading others.


Experience the unique benefit of having a true ally who works with you to support you in being successful!

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Great leaders are made
not born.

Evidenced Methods

Proven Impact

100% Satisfaction

the experience

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Your options

Option 1: Vertical Development - 90 minutes per month

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Investing 90 minutes a month with a skilled leadership Psychologist is perhaps the greatest investment into yourself and your business you can make.

Strategic thinking that accelerates personal growth beyond those parts of you that sabotage your best attempts to be a great leader.

"...enabled me to take a step back and look at my work - to understand what I can do to imagine myself sustaining and still in this role in 10 years' time."  

(Company Director, Leadership Coaching)

6-12 month 1 to 1 support offers.     

Option 2: Accelerated Strategy - 90 minutes per week

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Facing a time-limited challenge?

Career choice, promotion opportunity, critical work challenge... 

Taking focused time to process your pace into strategic reflection is the hallmark of all successful leaders.  We can facilitate this space for you as a short term secret hand.

"I found the sessions particularly helped me think strategically and approach my challenges in a more logical and balance way. Engaging in coaching has helped me progress and realise my dreams." 
(Snr Leader, career decision coaching 2022)"

6-12 month 1 to 1 support offers.     

Option 3: Not lonely at the top - 90 minutes+ per month, longterm

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CEOs and Directors can feel that they lack a space to talk strategically with somebody who not only understands the challenge but is also skilled in noticing the flaws and traps in their own logic and narratives.

We provide a limited number of arrangements with senior leaders who value this space, starting at 1 session a month with the option to increase or add in drop-in support when needed.

"...challenges and shines a spotlight on what you say you want and what you actually mean and do. It's life-changing."  


6-12 month 1 to 1 support offers.     

Option 4: Balance & Abundance - 90 minutes (freq is needs-based)

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We are specialists in building leadership success alongside personal wellbeing.  This can include balance, or more nuanced issues relating to stress, confidence, imposter syndrome, physical pain, illness and bullying / abuse recovery.

6-12 month 1 to 1 support offers.     

coming soon

self-directed programme

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Our online self-directed programme is coming soon!

11 self-paced modules

20+ videos

Programme workbook sent to you.

Experiential transformation towards sustained growth.

Aimed at leaders and teams who are leading through complexity.



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how to buy

a personal touch


We work closely with you to fit what we do onto what you need.

The first step you need to take - is contact us.

We don't bite... and it may prove to be one of the greatest decisions you ever made!



Award winning impact including;

- accelerated change

- staff retention

- leadership confidence

- stress reduction

- improved networking 

- 99% satisfaction scores

Then there are the softer outcomes that people report, such as a felt sense of growth and an increased capability in managing challenge and complexity.



We blend advanced understanding of Clinical, Organisational and Personal development theory and practice into bespoke designed programmes of enquiry and development.

Award winning chartered Psychologists who lead national scale enterprise and support others to do the same.

If you want to really feel change, we create the opportunity.

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To explore your needs or to discuss contracting, please contact us.

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