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Epilepsy Self Monitor App (EPSMON)

Digital Solution development : Epilepsy risk reduction App

Working with academic, charity and health partners to led the research and development of the epilepsy risk reduction app EpSMon.
EpSMon was demonstrated to have a significant real-world impact.
EpSMon has won major national and international awards and is commissioned by the NHS.

The need

People with epilepsy are advised to monitor their condition and general health and wellbeing through regular meetings with their GPs. In practice, this can be difficult to achieve and may result in people only managing to attend an annual review.
There was a clear need for varied research to develop and release EpSMon to support risk reduction to patients.
This project involved working with multiple stakeholders including the charity sector and the NHS.

Our response

This resulting response designed and delivered numerous projects exploring usability and efficacy which led to varied peer-review publications and awards.
The app was successful in the sector and was commissioned by the NHS for national use. It enables those with epilepsy to easily self-monitor their condition between GP epilepsy review appointments.

The project has won multiple national and international awards

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