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Chartered Psychologists 
for you

Deep and meaningful change, that lasts!

You're not alone

At aim-you we recognise that we can all become stuck with a sense of frustration at life or a feeling that we are self-sabotaging our own success / happiness.

Whether this is mental health, physical health or the challenges of working in an ever more complex world of work - we can feel alone with struggles that we try to hide or pretend don't exist.

The good news, you are not alone - and there are ways to feel in control of your situation - changing struggle into growth.

Helping you to overcome challenges

Get Understanding

Connect with your unique psychological barriers to transformation.  Identify where you need to grow and what is holding you back.

Aim your growth

Lean into this growth and aim, with our support.

Experience change

Experience growth as freedom,

empowerment and understanding.

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We can help you... select your need.

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Depression, anxiety, trauma, domestic abuse, head injury, illness, chronic pain and more...

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Ongoing stress, confidence, burnout, imposter syndrome, patterns of failure and more...

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Executive Coaching

Leadership, career, complex teams, leadership burnout, confidence and more...

unsure of what you need?....

A lifestyle change that
sets you free

A regular session with a Chartered Psychologist, to  move you forwards.


Bringing​ what works from coaching to create fast change, where it can happen.


Touching on the issues that hold you back, to connect you to your own story.

KEY in setting you free.

Safe and credible

Support from a Chartered Psychologist with advanced coach training, and decades of experience across sectors and with

1,000s of people.


Many, many testimonials and a 100% positive feedback rating.

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I feel like I’m on, on a road to, to working through some things that that would definitely make me more effective.

Realising you are not alone
& there is a way to 
the other side 

Starting your journey is easy

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Contact us for a safe and easy discussion about your needs and hopes.

We will be open and honest about whether we are the right fit and what we can offer, if we are.

aiming all of our clients at freedom, wellbeing and personal success

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