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aim: setting up for online coaching

Welcome to the team!

To get your services into our automated booking system, you need to now follow the instructions provided below:

Steps to going live:

There are 4 steps to onboarding into the aim digital coaching model:

1. accessing your email address

2. registering and installing the video conferencing software (zoom)

3. the aim client booking system​

   a. setting up your calendar

   b. linking the booking system to your zoom account

4. Letting us know, so that we can test your setup for you.

Instructions for these are detailed in this video or as a written guide, below:

1. Your email address


All aim coaches are provided with an email address to support an experience of continued service with our clients and to avoid any confusion. This is private to you and will not be accessed by the aim team.

Your email address will read:

Details of this email account will have been sent to you, along with the link to this page.  

This email account will update you on your bookings, reschedules and any communications from clients. 


Instructions on how to sync this email account to your existing email software (Gmail, Outlook etc)  or to any of your devices (phone, tablet, laptop) can be found HERE.

Signatures for this email account can include:

[Your name] 

[Your qualifications]

[Title: aim affiliate coach]


No references to other trading names, websites or email addresses are permitted.

2. Video conferencing software (zoom)


aim coaching is delivered via the teleconferencing software, Zoom.

This software is free for you to use for 1 to 1 coaching - with the costs of group coaching covered by (if relevant to you, this will be described later).

Please set up a Zoom account HERE, if you do not have one already.

This account will be linked to our booking system, meaning that all client bookings will automatically create Zoom meetings for you, removing any admin for you in terms of setting these up.  

When you log into Zoom, it will list your scheduled coaching sessions for that day.

3a. The aim-you client booking system & your calendar


Our booking system automatically links contracted clients to the diaries of our coaches - based on your own availability.

Once your account has been setup on our system, you will receive an email to your email account from OnceHub as shown below:

aim email.png

1. Click the 'sign in' button to access your account.

2. Create a password

3. On the next page, select 'Go to ScheduleOnce'


This will open your booking account, where you can view your services, bookings, link your calendar and provide your availability. 


This can be edited at any time, by you and is not fixed.  More on this later.

4. On this page, click 'Setup' on the top bar and you will then see your booking page appear.  

5. Then click your name to edit your account:

Booking page.png

Most of the information on the next page you can ignore, only the options on the left are important.

6. Click 'Associated Calendars' and then follow the instructions to create a 'Calendar Connection' to your existing digital calendar you use to manage your diary (Outlook, Gmail, 365 etc).  This will allow our system to check your calendar before making any bookings, to avoid any clashes.

Once connected, turn on the two option buttons relating to permissions the software needs to update your calendar (under the header 'ScheduleOnce advanced integration settings'


7. Then click, 'Continue setup'

Once complete, your calendar will be immediately synced with the system.  

Enter your availability into the Calendar

Our system requires you to select hours you would like to offer for remote coaching, when you know you are likely to be available at your computer (this can be edited easily later).

(If you are returning to this page to edit your availability, you need to re-login to your OnceHub account to follow the instructions below)

1. Click 'Recurring availability' in the left column:


The calendar on the right now allows you to paint in your regular available slots.  

Simple drag the mouse over any green periods to delete them, or over clear areas to pain them green.  

Use this calendar to select time periods that you are likely to be available to take bookings from clients.

This is not set in stone:

  • you can return here and edit at any time

  • you can easily block any of these selected times by simply creating blocked periods in your own calendar (google calendar, outlook calendar etc) - as this system always checks your calendar to find your free slots.

Important:  It is your responsibility to keep these up to date, else you may receive bookings when you do not expect - should your circumstances change.

2. Click save (at the top of the calendar) once complete.  This now syncs with our system and links clients to your diary via our booking system.  

3b. Linking the bookings account to Zoom

Link to zoom

The final step is to link OnceHub to Zoom - so that all of your bookings are automatically created, rescheduled or cancelled - without you needing to do update zoom or your calendar.

1. Select 'Location Settings' from the left menu:

Zoom setup1.png

2. Select 'This is a virtual meeting' under the meeting location header:


3. Scroll down and change the title of your meeting information to 'Coaching Arrangements':


4. Click 'Connect your Zoom Account' 

5. On the next page, click 'Connect' in the zoom box, and then follow the instructions on the Zoom website:


4. Nearly done!

Now, let us know and we will use the calendar to book a meeting with you to test the system and answer any questions you have.

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