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Dorset health WSA project

Innovation Research: Dorset Whole Schools Approach evaluation and learning report

We provided a county-wide evaluation of the Whole Schools Approach (WSA) innovation funding strategy taken by Dorset Public Health.

This encompassed a full scale process of evaluation, learning guide and a regional webinar to all stakeholders.


Public Health Dorset, in response to an identified need and in collaboration with local education groups and schools developed a novel approach to funding projects aimed at simultaneously improving both physical and mental wellbeing for children and young people.

We were commissioned to independently evaluate this innovative approach, and how this could be refined and improved if used for future funding opportunities.

Our response

We designed a bespoke evaluation of Public Health Dorset's approach using the experiences of stakeholders and schools to extract the learning about the process.


It was recognised that a neutral evaluation of our innovative approach to a Whole School project for health and wellbeing, would give us robust insight into these successes and barriers.

The aim-you group proposed an attractive opportunity to grasp the learning of the project process that would support future decisions for us, and our partners, on how to run similar projects. Craig and his team were effective in engaging the client group and stakeholders to capture the reflections of the project design, how it evolved, the implementation of it, and how it was perceived, alongside what worked well and how we could improve it. We valued the time taken to present this learning to our partners by Cordet after the report was completed.

The final report has given us realistic goals if we have the opportunity to repeat this process as well as helping us to celebrate where we achieved success with it.

Thank you to the team at aim-you for exploring this part of the journey with us.

Project manager for Public Health Dorset

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