being well and supporting wellbeing at work

teams are a united collection of individual needs

What is your team wellbeing need?

aim: to understand mental health support as a leader

Training options for leaders within our organisation.

Workshops / webinar options for teams of leaders.

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aim: to develop wellbeing insight in our team

Training for teams.

Team coaching / interventions.

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aim: to support wellbeing needs we have now

Team burnout, stress, fatigue, disengagement and sick leave.
Support processing team traumas.
Support with returning staff to enable success at the individual and team level.

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aim: to pro-actively reduce mental health issues

Coaching training for managers and leaders.

1 to 1 support for staff, to reduce mental health incidence rates.

Workplace analysis and development support.

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Team wellbeing specialists

We have a wealth of experience in supporting wellbeing.

A team of Chartered Clinical and Organisational Psychologists, with a wealth of experience supporting individuals and organisations at every scale.

We currently also lead the largest wellbeing charity provider to national health and care workers ( providing 1,000s of hours of wellbeing support every month.

Our wellbeing solutions are tailored to your needs.

Take the first step to enabling wellbeing in your organisation and request a chat with us about your need.

Contact us here.

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