aim: to get going fast!

Thank you!

Amazing people have registered so far!

(based on unique visitors to this page, so an estimate)

It is great to see that there are like-minded souls who are willing to give at this time of need.  We appreciate your support on behalf of the teams we will be connecting with soon! 

What to expect next:

1. We will wait 2 weeks to capture a sense of the scale of support offered.

2. We will invite volunteers to sign an agreement of terms (mostly relating to standards of practice etc).

3. We will invite you to join our booking system (this is our rate limiter as we are requesting support from software providers to make this offer real - as the cost could be great.  We have other ideas if they decline)

4. The offer will then be communicated to the NHS. Likely to the highest COVID areas first, so that we don't create unmet demand.

5. Please share our GoFundMe page to support the IT costs and setup of a social enterprise to house this

If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact us using our contact form.  Please avoid this if possible, as we are working hard to put this together as a side project with the help of other skilled volunteers (admin, project management etc).  This is a huge task at a fast pace!


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