Growth you towards your aim.

The foundations of coaching, therapy and organisational psychology combined - provides an understanding of the key components of growth common to people.

We are specialists in facilitating rapid growth through:

Powerful Insights

Our assessment process is experiential and an intervention in its own right.  We are experienced in identifying hidden narratives, unfinished life experiences (traumas, insecurities etc), under-developed thinking styles and more.  We don't rely on automated assessments and reports - rather building a rapid relationship, and drawing on decades of experience in formal psychometric and formulation driven assessments of human need and development. 

We connect you to potential areas of growth whilst supporting you to open up, reflectively and emotionally.

Leaning into Growth

Our psychology is reluctant to push into our vulnerabilities and areas of pain.  We have often over-compensated in other strengths, to mask our gaps.  Facing, leaning into and emerging out of these developmental areas is critical to growth.  We facilitate you in activating this capability being able to turn up for yourself, to grow.

Learning to Reflect

Reflection is a core component of growth.  Without tripping up, dusting ourselves off and learning - we are prone to drift back to our safe places where growth has often ceased.  Psychologists are trained in advanced relfective models, often with years of formal training in multiple contexts and in supervising and training others.  We bring this to our work and equip you with approaches that fit your style - supporting rapid growth and the ability to maintain this once our time with you is complete.


We call this the 'aim-you' model, as so many of our clients describe growth as indescribable.  Our best stab at words, is a feeling of being able to aim yourself, being able to notice your own saboteurs and to navigate through them towards mastery of your own destiny.




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All coaching is delivered by specialist trained and accredited coaches and/or Chartered Psychologists.

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