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Inviting wellbeing specialists to help

aim has teamed up with a number of volunteer specialists and services to leverage our remote support model to link willing wellbeing specialists to teams that need help.

We are proposing that, due to the potential demand, a 1 hour focused wellbeing coaching session could be a lifeline for key staff.  Supporting staff with needs that might support working in crisis conditions, returning home to recharge - and being on this cycle for a duration, whilst the system around them strains.

You will have the choice to offer more than 1 session to people in need, but we expect high demand so may later discourage this.

aim will provide key training / thought leadership to volunteers at kick off - with invites to leading specialists to support us in supporting you.  

This is the time to all come together and unite - bringing what we do best to help those who are helping us!

You may have some questions - our most frequent questions are now answered here

If you are passionate to help the NHS at this time, please register below:

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