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How psychological coaching works

Get what we all want... freedom, power and love.

For all sexes and ages - supporting life change after abusive relationships

Image by Ashley Batz

1 to 1 support

Get 1 to 1 support from the author of 'Get Out Get Love' and the founder of the Digital GOGL programme.

Book cover and app for get out get love programme

The self-delivered therapy programme, for those in and after abusive relationships.

Brought to you by Clinical Psychologist, Behaviour Specialist and survivor,

Dr Craig Newman

More than just closure... a journey

For all ages, sexes and cultures.

A picture of 3 numbered blocks suggesting the programme has 3 stages

The 3 ACTS needed for those of us journeying from abusive relationships towards freedom and love

A woman looking at herself in a mirror suggestion reflection



Our stories of love should not include abuse, but they often do.  It leaves us with confusion and questions that rocks our ability to trust ourselves and others...

Why do we endure abuse?

Why can't we spot it?

Why is it so difficult to escape?

Why do we often go back?

Why do we find it in new lovers, even after we escape?

Why is it so hard to escape and understand?

ACT I of GOGL provides these answers... and more, growth through learning.


ACT II addresses the crisis needs of those who have escaped abuse and want to avoid going back:

How to Get Out (physically)

How to stay away

How to soothe fear

How to soothe obligation

How to soothe guilt

How to soothe shame

How to break the cycle of addictive abusive love

A man on a hill with arms wide open suggesting freedom


A sign that reads you are worthy of love



The fundamentals of self-love are often out of reach for victims of domestic abuse, here GOGL will support you in understanding:

Why self-love is the magic bullet
How to meet your own needs
How to create closure and let go
How to rebuild self-trust
How to create and feel self-value
How to enact self-love
How to maintain this new found love
How to approach dating and friendships

"It answered questions I didn't know I had.. but I needed answering"

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