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You need help, but you don't feel
'bad enough' to need therapy...

Time for a psychological coaching...

Many of us find our lives hampered by inner saboteurs.

  • low self-belief

  • imposter syndrome

  • fear of speaking up

  • performance anxiety

  • perfectionism

  • fear of criticism

  • fear of failure

The list is long and you are not alone in feeling these.

Once we truly know 
our inner saboteurs.
We can choose when to listen
to them and when not to.

How psychological coaching works

1. join up the dots

Discover why your saboteurs exist - how they served you in your past and why they are no longer helpful.

2. learn to reflect

Learn how to relate to these inner-saboteurs, as if they are old friends trying to help - but doing a poor job.

3. replace them

Adopt known strategies (behaviours and thiking) that help you to control situations you currently find difficult.

4. experience growth

Observe and learn what works and learn how to build on this, to feel confident and free from old patterns of failure.

Image by Joshua Earle

What is Psychological Coaching?

A coaching approach that uses the best of coaching methods with a light touch of therapy skills - to ensure that we delve just enough to answer the core questions about your blockers, without upending the ship

Perfect for those who don't want full therapy, or feel the need, but do want to address patterns of failure and struggle that impact on life.

How to take this journey

Contact Us or Book a call to discuss your needs.

Most of our clients sign up to a regular 60 or 90 minute Psychological Coaching session designed to support growth towards their desired personal change.

Why you can trust us

Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Leadership Coach 
HCPC Registered

Decades of experience & client testimonials to support impact.

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