aim: explore coaching options for you or your team

Coaching Options

1 to 1 Personal Coaching

A coaching service bought direct by you for you, for your own personal needs, whether you are a leader or simply aspiring to get more out of work and life. 


Contact us to arrange a quick chat about your needs.

Leadership Coaching

Specialist leadership coaching aimed at expanding your capability to manage complexity, responsibility, imposter syndrome, stress and the balance of work and life... 

Staff Coaching - Affinity Groups

Join small groups of others with a similar role / need (your choice) for online coaching support.  Big impact for a lower cost.  
(reading for those who shudder at the idea of group coaching)


Team Coaching​


A range of coaching programmes to support your team or as a resource for your team to access when they need to.  

What you / your team gets

  • Personal / organisational login to our services.

  • A range of coaching options and self-help resources.

  • Simple and flexible choose and book system for remote coaching.

  • Video/telephone based coaching at your preference.

  • Quarterly report of demand, programme preferences and feedback data (on request).

  • Immediate update on any disclosed risk / whistleblower issues (anonymised)

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