aim: explore coaching options for you or your team

Programme Options

Personal Coaching

A coaching service bought direct by you, for your own personal needs, whether you are a frontline healthcare worker, back office, management or a clinical leader.  

Leadership Coaching

Specialist leadership coaching aimed at expanding your capability to manage complexity, responsibility, imposter syndrome, stress and the balance of work and life... 

Staff Coaching - Affinity Groups

Join small groups of others with a similar role / need (your choice) for online coaching support.  Big impact for a lower cost.  
(reading for those who shudder at the idea of group coaching)


Team Coaching​


A range of coaching programmes to support your team or as a resource for your team to access when they need to.  

What you / your team gets

  • Personal / organisational login to our services.

  • A range of coaching options and self-help resources.

  • Simple and flexible choose and book system for remote coaching.

  • Video/telephone based coaching at your preference.

  • Quarterly report of demand, programme preferences and feedback data (on request).

  • Immediate update on any disclosed risk / whistleblower issues (anonymised)

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