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aim: explore coaching options for my team

Contract Options

aim-you provides contract coaching services for your team, at varying scales.

Specialist coaching services are available for team members and team leaders.

AD HOC model - team members access services when required or directed by the organisation.

SOLUTION FOCUSED model - coaching is offered to the team members and leader as an intervention or aid towards a goal (e.g. conflict resolution, wellbeing improvement, performance improvement etc)

STAFF MEMBER SPECIFIC coaching - coaching provided to a specific staff member for any of our programmes.

Purchasing Options

Fixed - A fixed number of team / leader coaching sessions commissioned at an agreed provision rate (number of hours x cost per hour).

Responsive - starting with a fixed model but allowing open referral from your organisation.  On an agreed rate, demand updates provided back to your board create needs insight and the potential to reduce or lower your commission.

What your team gets

  • Organisational login to our services.

  • A range of coaching options and self-help resources.

  • Simple and flexible choose and book system for remote coaching.

  • Video/telephone based coaching at their preference.

  • Quarterly report of demand, programme preferences and feedback data.

  • Immediate update on any disclosed risk / whistleblower issues (anonymised)