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Supporting Leaders, Teams, Researchers and Organisations.


Leadership development that is experienced as growth.

- increased complex thinking.

- confidence.

- team leadership and people management.

- purposeful work and directed growth.

We provide 1 to 1 Psychological Executive Coaching as a package of sessions or you can explore our 'Find the Ground' programme that is aimed at leadership growth in the context of high demand and complexity.

Our work is informed by advanced Chartered Psychology training and experience in:

- systems theory

- organisational psychology

- coaching (executive, gestalt)

- adult development

- leadership

- behavioural economics

- clinical models of growth and degelopment


We understand that teams need to experience growth and not learn about it.

We design and deliver packages of support to enable teams to:

- access and use the diversity of their people.

- communicate on difficult topics and enable solutions.

- achieve Psychologically Safe innovative spaces.

- embrace wellbeing as a component of delivery.

- team around challenge.

- prioritise.

- scale.

We are experienced working with single teams at all levels through to large networks of connected teams.


We have two targeted development coaching programmes we have created out of research with teams and leaders.  


Find the Ground Programme

A coaching programme for leaders and teams.


Clinical Leaders Development

A support package developed especially for Senior Clinical Leaders


Supporting those wanting to expand research capability or to build on existing knowledge and success:


- development and upskilling of sector-specific research skills

- advanced stage research and strategy design

- research programme development and leadership

- research team management skills.

- researcher coaching skills.

We provide research coaching from Chartered Psychologists with expertise in research leadership, organisational psychology and extensive experience in training, supervising and supporting high-level researchers.  

Our approaches take the anxiety out of research and enable a fun relationship with the search for knowledge.  We enable broader thinking, increased confidence and valuable knowledge acquisition.  We bring significant expertise that is recognisable at first contact with our support.​



Image by Floriane Vita


Our ability to support organisations to identify, formulate, research, solve and maintain is expansive.  

Our work with organisations includes:


We can provide advanced research skills or train your organisation in using the tools that serve you best.



Specialists in small to large scale wellbeing interventions.  Evaluation, training, intervention or OD - whatever you need.

Change management & Acceleration

Our reputation as accelerators of change is credited with numerous national awards.  We take the pressure out of innovation and replace it with teaming and success.


We pride ourselves on learning how your organisation can succeed and then aid you in spreading this learning.